ASS Rugby League Skills Testing Kit


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Product Description

The ASS Rugby League Skills Testing Kit provides a structured series of rugby league skill tests which can be easily implemented by junior sporting clubs and schools for both girls and boys aged 8 and older.

Among the skills targeted are sprinting, kicking (field goal, place kick, punting and grubber kicks) and passing.

The program can also be supervised by teachers or parents, regardless of their rugby league knowledge. It can be run as a test for individuals or a team.

It provides an ideal stepping-stone for young players just starting to develop the basics and takes them into more advanced training as they get older.

The Resource Kit includes;
Instruction sheets to explain the 6 skills to be tested…
1. 40 m Sprint,
2. Goal Kick,
3. Grubber Kick,
4. Drop Punt,
5. Field Goal
6. Pass the Ball

Additional  Material
Recording Sheets
Results Forms
Certificate of Participation

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