Projects & Programs

Aussie Gateways Pty Ltd provides professional advice and assistance with the following Project Management Services …
1. Developing your Project Concept:
Aussie Gateways Pty Ltd specialises in twelve-month strategic plans for clients looking for a coordinated approach to planning and developing community projects. The development of multi-faceted media promotions is incorporated into each project.
2. Providing IT & Website Management Training:
Aussie Gateways Pty Ltd provides professional website management and training services for community-based organisations to allow for effective communication with the wider community.
3. Delivering Educational & Sport Pathway Programs to your community:
Aussie Gateways Pty Ltd provides opportunities for successful sport stars to liaise with individuals and community groups. As mentors they walk with students, guiding them towards career pathways.
4. Management of Functions & Events in your community:
Hosting a successful community event is based in teamwork, planning and communication.
Aussie Gateways Pty Ltd will work alongside community organisations to monitor the planning and delivery process.
5. Youth Mentoring Training and Monitoring Services:
Online communication can be used effectively to monitor the progress of young people as they journey towards a successful future. On-line mentoring services established by Aussie Gateways personnel provides advice and encouragement to today’s youth.
6. Producing Print & Media Promotions for your project:
Community event information may need to be displayed in a number of formats. Aussie Gateways Pty Ltd offers to clients television, radio and newspaper advertising options, along with comprehensive promotional strategies including social media and website exposure.
7. Team Building Clinics for Schools and Community Groups:
Aussie Gateways utilises former and current sport stars to deliver important messages of encouragement to young Australians. This provides a platform for respected sportsmen and women to reach out and guide today’s youth.
Aussie Gateways’ clinics have a number of facets including fitness training, skill development and talks given to students on goal-setting. Also incorporated into the program is a component where groups of students take part in team-building exercises involving drills requiring cooperation skills.
8. Developing Sport Tourism Events for your Community:
Growing your sporting event to include other communities will provide exposure and economic growth to your local area. Aussie Gateways Pty Ltd will provide the building block to establish an event that can be hosted in your local community.
9. Regional Economic Development Strategies
Aussie Gateways has continued to grow & evolve the Regional Tourism Project which received Federal Government funding. By developing a number of local community based strategies AG is now in a position to profile regional areas of Australia via the AG Network Project.