School-based Programs

The Development of the Child through Sport …
Having backgrounds in education, media and sport, Aussie Gateways personnel are currently accessing a number of schools in regional areas and taking prominent Australian sportspersons along to speak to students about goal-setting and planning for a successful future.
Sports skills and drills are a component of the school visits and each of these physical activities (which are run as part of the program) build team-building skills. They encourage students to appreciate their role as an important individual within the team, as well as encouraging them to identify the value of team members who help them to achieve goals and work together to experience success.
This focus is then related to the students’ life in the real world as members of a family and members of a community.
The Benefits of playing a Team Sport.
Playing a Team Sport can provide significant benefits to the education, health and employment prospects of our nation’s youth. As part of a comprehensive program, implemented in schools, SuperStar Touch is a key component in engaging young people and motivating them to become an integral part of a team.
In fact, the skills and values developed in SuperStar Touch can be applied to everyday situations and lead students towards establishing productive and personally fulfilling lives.