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Cyclone Pam unleashed its fury on Vanuatu…

The images of the family depicted on this website and video are members of the Simbolo family
who live in the north of Efate’ at Epule’ Tops.

Photos were taken in happier times before the destruction of Cyclone Pam occurred.

Friday March 13th, 2015 will be etched into the memories of villagers right throughout the archipelago of Vanuatu after category 5 Cyclone Pam ravaged the 83 islands and lashed the landscape with 250kph+ winds and destructive rain.

Many islands were affected including Efate,’ home of the nation’s capital, Port Vila and many villages including Epule’ Village, based beside the Epule’ River in a remote area of North Efate’.


Ni-Vanuatu (the name given to people who are native to Vanuatu) are by nature friendly, caring, fun-loving people who open their lives and hearts to thousands of Australians each year as they escape the bustle of Australian cities and townships to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing holiday in the idyllic, tropical setting of Vanuatu.

After the devastation of Cyclone Pam was revealed, many Australians are hoping to help their friends in Vanuatu re-build after losing their homes, possessions, crops, jobs, fresh water and in some areas, a secure food supply. Please help the people who have welcomed so many Australians to their shores by donating or purchasing tickets in this “Good for Global” raffle. Be sure your support is felt in the most needy areas. Donate or purchase a ticket on-line now.

Please help to re-build their villages and restore their smiles!

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