Background – Vanuatu Project

Background to supporting our friends in the South Pacific Islands of Vanuatu:

A film crew visited Vanuatu (Port Vila) to capture file footage for ongoing promotions to invite visitors to experience the friendly Ni Vanuatu people.
Paul Simbolo worked at Blue Water Island Resort and established contact with the film crew. He invited them to visit his village at Epule.

1. The Brunswick Valley was host to the Blue Water Island Resort String Band, & Custom Dancers form Port Vila, Vanuatu in 2000. The touring group was lead by Mr Hammond David.

2. A local church  group from the Brunswick Valley visited Hammond David at Blue Water Island Resort and provided assistance to the villages with cash and goods.
These clothing parcels were delivered courtesy of Air Vanuatu, Brisbane.

3. First trip to Paul Simbolo’s Village to meet his family. (See some of the images from the 2008 gallery)

4. The film crew again visited Hammond David who was now managing a resort in Port Vila called Crystal Blue Lagoon … on Turtle Bay Beach !
This resort provides employment opportunities for the families of Vanuatu in the area of hospitality and tourism.
(The resort before Cyclone Pam hit !)

5.  Local schools and church groups from the Brunswick Valley continued to provide clothing and resources to the villages in Port Vila.
Followup clothing parcels were delivered in person and contact was made directly with the families in the outer lying villages of Efate. Port Vila was a 2 hour drive away from the village.

Contact with Paul & Nellie Simbolo and their family members at Epule Village.

6. Cyclone Pam hit landfall on Friday March 13.

7. The damage caused by Cyclone Pam … photos courtesy of Leith Campbell Top Shots Vanuatu.

8. The 30 sec TVC produced by Independent Productions Coffs Harbour (former film crew 1997) promoting the ‘Help Re-build Vanuatu’ Campaign.